Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psalm 63

Well, I am about to take the plunge and post POETRY. How scary is that--I am about to go emotionally skinny dipping. Ah, well... let's not get on the subject of nudity. This blog is a lady. Here we goooo...!

Psalm 63

The ache only grows
for my God Jesus
I feel it in the lament of empty arms and fingertips
I taste it on honeyed lips ready to flow to my beloved
My belly flames with longing
Miss you, Jesus. I miss you God.

Do you remember the garden I only know through thick glass?
I have seen you—I have—
and yet it is never enough.
I would shrink back, half-dead with heartache,
but for your strong hands on my shoulders holding me fast, even washing my feet
as I stagger on.

Tell me again the story of us, stars singing for joy as the world careened into motion, into love, into singing.

You fill me like a tidal wave drowns
You change me like fire ruins clay
You cripple me and break all my brokenness
Until you are my only help, you my only life.
O kind Love, kindly kill me
Until charred flesh gives way to glory.

 the only Cadence

my joy is your joy
my name is your name
let all else be ravished
let love remain

(mostly july 5th ’11)
*cadence is music-speak for 'ending'.

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