Monday, September 26, 2011

The purse. The Red purse

I just have to brag on God about this.

This past week was EHC's 65th Anniversary.  With 150 international directors, countless conversations and airport rides, updates from continents and multicultural intercession, it was truly an amazing time.  I did not want it to end.  I still don't.  God is moving mightily all across the earth, and I felt incredibly honored to meet some of His favorites (you are, too, you know).  I need to let things settle internally a bit more before I attempt to write about it.  But it hit me like a typhoon.... on a beach.... with sand and crabs and coconuts flying.  just process THAT.

 So I'm NOT blogging about that, but AM writing about a tiny little thing that just shows God's kindness.

There was a missionary boutique for the internationals, and after the conference it became open for IMs (Intercessory Missionaries) to shop there.  Used/new clothing, purses, belts, etc.  I had grown up getting my clothes from these yearly boutiques in Taiwan, and also from large garbage bags of clothes that families would give us in the US and in Singapore.  I don't know how we got all these clothing connections, but people always seemed to give us clothes!  Maybe they were trying to tell us something. :)  

Anyhow, they're lots of fun.  Much less draining than shopping at strip malls.

I have been casually looking for a red purse for maybe five years.  Didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, and always seemed to find other ones that I liked.   And I knew exactly what I wanted; was very picky about it.  I'm kind of a mystic about these things, and knew that I would know it when I saw The Purse. 

So I was leafing through sweaters and activewear when I noticed a stack of bags.  Lo and behold, under a couple of rather pathetic totes was my red bag. 

Now I was completely exhausted and as sick as a dog, so I unemotionally added it to my collection and took it home.  Later that weekend, I looked at it more closely and recognized that it had EVERY detail that I had ever been looking for.

Jesus is so so kind.  I found all kinds of warm sweaters that I could have never afforded, and the perfect Red Purse.  He doesn't give us just enough, He lavishes.  May we live like that, too. 

Today there was a chorus that sang, "What is on your heart is on my mind," and I felt the Lord saying that to ME.  Which totally ruined me!
He really loves us, you know.  And He knows even about silly things like purses.  Xie Xie Ye Su

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