Monday, May 24, 2010

a little thought

I had a thought yesterday as I was walking...

well, first of all I had just finished reading "Out of the Silent Planet," and one phrase stuck out--
the main character, Ransom, said that if he would be killed on the way back to earth it would be because

"life was waiting outside... waiting at any moment to break in, and that, if it killed them, it would kill them by excess of its vitality (146, Lewis)."

death swallowed up by LIFE.

Maybe that's what really happens when we die: the remaining deadness in us, the ashes left of God's refining fire, will be consumed by life.

But the thought! :)

When we're jealous or envious of people we constrict ourselves and our world, even cursing it.

But when we can admire someone we open up ourselves and enable us to love and accept them--and I think we can become what we admire.

If we're big enough to affirm someone, we become what we liked in them.

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