Monday, June 22, 2009

ramblings...mostly music and those crazy Greeks.

Man, how do you start a blog?  I suppose I'm starting mine in keeping with my long tradition of procrastinating papers by blogging.  Today I'm putting off a summary/reflection of Plato's "Symposium"  and Petrarch's "Secret Book" (I have no idea how to apply them to a discussion of education anyway).   And besides, after you write papers you rarely remember them, but after you write a blog it often continues to shape you (now there's a commentary on education for you).

enough with the ( ).  

I think I'll just have fun with this post and not really turn it into any certain subject, unless one especially presents itself.   

Things on my mind:

traveling Africa Aaron going to South Africa people in Burundi missions TCKs outreach Taiwan changes memories 
story vs truth, story and truth, story = truth
how I learn so much more about truth from Madeleine L'Engle than I do from science textbooks or any textbooks 
how facts can get in the way of truth 
are all TCKs postmodern?  
everything connects
i'm such a hippie

maybe truth is like music --reaching out across the perfect measurable expanse of math and science, 

then enmeshing itself in philosophy and literature when math/science demand a theology, an outlook on life (for they do, so people tell me), all the while innately being an art form, even a spiritual exercise...

knitting the psyche, body, and mind together...

the singing cosmos.

Those Greeks, chasing after their beautiful boys and Socrates with his endless questioning (wonder if anyone ever slapped him to shut him up), with all the wisdom and damage they imparted on Western thought, are redeemed by that crazy concept.  The planets and universe are moving in perfect order that creates song simply through their harmony.

Sing to me of the song of the stars.....  the morning stars sang for joy.... 

What is it about stars?  And singing?  Rob Bell mentioned that he would talk about singing and worship in a few weeks, and I was so happy and thanked God for Mars Hill.  :)

Not that I'm a singer myself...I'm not.  no false humility here.  I sing and I love to sing, and do it quite frequently (consciously and unconsciously), but I'm more of an instrumentalist at heart.  Or something.  It's strange, even though outwardly my life seems so logically outlined, I feel like I fell into this degree, this line of work.
Yeah, I majored in music education, took voice and piano lessons, and am now going to get my license in K-12 music (but really can teach general or vocal music, not band or orchestra).  and I'm applying to music educator jobs.  

But that profession feels disconnected from me, like a job that I'll do for a few years before I actually get into what I'm supposed to do.  It was a toss up my senior year between education and seminary.  I feel like God really has led me to where I am now, the way everything worked out with much prayer along the way.  And this IS my life--I'm in my 20s and am living--I can't wait until a certain event or milestone to mark when I truly embark on my life.

Seems that God greatly values the mysterious and the art of weaving a story together; I believe the Talmud says that God created people because God loves stories.

And so it follows that God births seeds of dreams in our hearts that take different forms when sprouting and growing--maybe we never truly know what they will become.  Or, if we want to take it back to music, perhaps he writes a song one note at a time.

he apparently is not afraid of dissonance.  

But every crazy chord eventually resolves, and we're told never to be afraid.

It all comes back to love, as always.  God doesn't just love stories, God loves us.  Only then are things alright... then maybe we can actually get serious about the commands not to worry or fear.  

Love binds all things together in perfect harmony (and makes everything sing).

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